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 Henan Neihuang Chaoyang Textile Co., Ltd Brand
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Henan Neihuang Chaoyang textile company is specialized in bath towel, towel blank towel processing and production enterprises. It has 100 sets of 44 inch towel looms and 80 sets of 56 inch towel looms, with an annual production of 2 million pieces of bath towel and towel blank towel. In order to further adapt to the market demand and improve the economic benefits of our company, we have been pursuing more novel products and hope to cooperate with your company for common development. Our enterprise tenet: enterprise benefits and social benefits go hand in hand, technology for development, quality for survival, reputation and price to participate in market competition
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Contact:   Zhang Chaowei
Addr:        168 Donghuan Road, Neihuang County, Henan Province