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Our company has more than 20 sets of the latest model rapier machine and double twister, which can produce all kinds of cotton, blanket and high-grade silk fabrics. The width of the door can be 2-3.3 meters. The monthly output can reach tens of thousands of meters. Our company has always undertaken many foreign trade orders, and has good business relations with Ningbo / Hangzhou / Guangzhou and other foreign trade import and export companies all over the country. 1. Blanket specifications, ingredients, price, packaging: 1. Production of various specifications, high, middle and low grade Raschel and acrylic blankets. It can be carved in single or double layers. A: Single and double layer children's blanket: length and width (80 ~ 100cm) - (100 ~ 140cm) are 0.5-1.5kg; B: single and Double Blanket: length and width (150 ~ 200cm) - (200 ~ 240cm) ordinary and ordinary Quilt Blanket weight is 3-6kg; luxury super soft blanket has 3-6kg; single and double-layer carving can be made according to requirements. 2. Ingredients: acrylic (85% acrylic, 15% polyester); 100% polyester (polyester cotton); 3. Price according to blanket weight, according to yarn quality
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Contact:   Zhang Letian
Addr:        Shaoxing Industrial Zone, Zhejiang Province