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Jinzhou Anke Electrical Distribution Office Brand
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Jinzhou Anke Electric Distribution Office belongs to Shijiazhuang Anke Electric Co., Ltd. The company produces electric power fittings, safety tools, maintenance tools and construction equipment. The products of the company are: electric power safety signs, safety signs, safety fences, stainless steel expansion fences, safety fences, red cloth mantle, GDY-II high-voltage electroscope, 10KV high-voltage electroscope, insulated foot-holder. Frame, insulated lifting platform, insulated ladder, insulated stool, insulated boots, insulated gloves, insulated rubber sheet, rubber pad, insulated operating rod, hydraulic puller, tool cabinet, earthing rod, high-voltage grounding wire, safety belt, foot buckle, safety rope, safety cap, protective clothing, pulley, cable pulley series, cable clipper, tightener, manual pressure clamp, cable cutter, large-off truck, release wire Support, transformer anti-theft lock, high-voltage circuit breaker, disconnector, instrument, instrument, transformer, electric bird drive machine, etc. Quality ranks first among similar industries in the country, and has won the title of national and provincial famous brand products. Jinzhou Anke Electric Distribution Office has established long-term cooperation with many enterprises in line with the principle of "customer first, honesty first". Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and negotiate business.
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