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Kunming Boyichuang - a universal printer enterprise engaged in eight years of professional research and development, production and sales. The wheel of history is constantly moving forward, and the process of Boyichuang is moving forward step by step. The development of Boyichuang is the symbol of the development of China's image industry and the guide of the development of universal printers. From the earliest high-temperature camera in 1999, when the camera was only for the development of high-temperature porcelain image, but also can only print tiles and ordinary leaves, boards, but it is high-temperature camera that opened the prelude to the development of printers, bringing a revolution in the image industry! 2002, Kunming Boyi Chuangxuan
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Contact:   Jin Feng Bai
Addr:       No. 28 Baiyun Road, Kunming City & nbsp; & nbsp;