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Wuhan Xingcan wet towel products Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Jiangcheng of Wuhan. The ancients said: "the jade flute in the Yellow Crane Tower, the plum blossom in Jiangcheng in May" is an eternal quat. Only Wuhan enjoys the name of "Jiangcheng". Our company specializes in processing and processing hotels, guesthouses, night clubs, pedicure, bathing places disposable environmental protection wipes products, disposable environmentally friendly towel products. With the concept of environmental protection, low carbon and sanitation, the company eliminated traditional unhygienic and repeated use of wet wipes. Founded in November 2010, the company takes "quality life, fashion concept and healthy way" as the main body, and advocates a healthy, healthy, low-carbon and green life concept. We are committed to the development of this industry and take the lead in the development of the industry. All of them aim at the health of consumers, so that people can consciously resist the bag of wet paper towels and towel products that are not protected in public places. For your health, please do not use those so-called high-grade wet towels / wet napkins. The brand goal of the company is to gradually change people's living habits with a product, lead healthy lifestyles, improve people's quality of life, and create a new big market and big industry, and occupy an unshakable leading position in this market industry, and create a perfect life from details. Wuhan Xingcan wet towel products Co., Ltd. Pay close attention to every drop of life, infiltrate products into life, and humanized care in high technology. In the future development path, we will strive to build a healthier lifestyle.
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Contact:   Wu De Qi
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