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 Changzhou New Ze monitoring equipment Co., Ltd. Brand
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Our company produces explosion-proof TV series products, which are divided into class I and category II, and have complete inspection report, explosion-proof qualification certificate and production license. Class I explosion-proof products are mainly used for monitoring base stations and field work in deep underground coal mines. Class II explosion-proof gas belongs to C grade, covering all explosion proof sites. Our company mainly produces explosion-proof monitoring products: explosion-proof protective cover, explosion proof camera shield, explosion-proof platform, explosion-proof decoder, explosion-proof flexible tube, explosion proof bracket and other monitoring system peripheral equipment, ordinary explosion-proof camera, infrared explosion-proof camera, explosion proof pan, explosion-proof decoder, explosion-proof built-in decoding platform and explosion-proof monitoring auxiliary equipment and other monitoring products. Explosion proof industrial TV, flameproof shields, flameproof protective covers, flameproof camera shields, flameproof camera guards and other products.
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Contact:   Xiao Long Wang
Addr:        Jiangsu, Changzhou, Wujin, Changzhou