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Jinyun laser is a large medium and small power laser solution provider in China. Its annual production capacity is 4000 sets. Established in 2005 and listed in 2011, the stock code: 300220. The golden laser is the first brand in the field of textile and clothing applications. Jinyun laser cutting machine is widely used in cloth cutting, sheet opening, cutting of wool collar, tailoring and tailoring of tailored garments, high speed carving of rolled fabrics, cutting and cutting of non-woven fabrics, automatic cutting of trademarks, weaving of embroidered labels, embroidery and high precision cutting. We successfully developed the corresponding software with automatic typesetting, saving material, copy, code and automatic identification, which is easy to operate and convenient to use. In the plush toy industry, it has a very strong advantage, from automatic feeding, composing, saving, double head shifting, symmetrical mirror image, single typesetting compensation, automatic counting and other functions to automatic collection. The cutting effect is of high precision, no damage to the hair peak, fast speed and good edge closing, which greatly saves labor and increases efficiency. In the process of carving, cutting and punching, leather is widely used in shoes, shoes, materials and bags, and also from materials, typesetting, cutting and receiving. In the field of metal processing, we have introduced a variety of highly efficient and practical solutions, and have been widely used in sheet metal factories, chassis, cabinet manufacturers, machinery manufacturing industry, hardware factories, kitchen utensils, elevators, electrical components, advertising signs and other industries, and take the lead. In the process of cutting, the functions such as lead, outlet, bypass, micro connection, surplus utilization, collinear cutting and servo focusing have been well received by customers. In the field of solid materials and advertising Crafts, Jinyun laser has introduced a variety of highly efficient and practical products and solutions. Especially in the projects of acrylic, wood, plastic, model materials, craft toys, advertising words and LED light boxes, Jinyun laser carving and cutting machine has been widely applied. There are also carpet mats, car cushions, industrial fabrics, electronic printing, home textiles and other industries. The full range of solutions has been widely practiced in various processing industries. Welcome to call for detailed information and video presentations. In addition, the more than 30 offices of Jinyun laser are close and efficient after-sales service guarantee. Telephone number: 13307157713 QQ:380527590
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