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Chengda inventory trading company is a professional recycling factory inventory backlog, defective products, waste products, including: manufacturers inventory raw materials, such as backlog of inventory materials, and at the same time handle the elimination and scrap of goods cleared, debt, factory transfer and other businesses. Our main recycling objects are: handbag factory, leather goods factory, luggage factory, leather goods factory, Ribbon Factory, garment factory, garment factory, textile mill, shoe factory, zipper factory, knitting factory, toy factory, leather factory, hat factory, golf bag factory, sports bag factory, transparent plastic bag factory, etc. In order to develop a broader supply space, we sincerely hope to become the best partner with you. If there is a backlog of the inventory of the above materials, please contact us. You only need to call to provide relevant information. We immediately send someone to negotiate pricing, cash transactions, and welcome all manufacturers to inquire. Welcome to the industry intermediary!! mobile phone: 15019950618 Tel: 0769 - 88125960 QQ82173458 website:
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Contact:   Zheng Sheng
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