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Wei Mei hot stamping is only a few kilometers away from China Yiwu International Trade City, with convenient transportation. The company mainly deals with various kinds of cloth heat transfer sublimation printing, screen printing, hot stamping (flocking, bronzing, pressing, glue, water slurry, hot solid, ink and other special processes), hot paper business, garment printing, T-shirt printing, underwear printing, umbrella printing, socks printing, bag and bag printing, swimwear printing, children's wear printing, all kinds of flower design. It is an integrated enterprise that integrates hot stamping, printing and heating up HUAWEI. With rich experience in printing production, the company has professional computer design and advanced production equipment. Specializing in the production and sale of environmentally-friendly high-grade printing, hot stamping and batch printing production of printed cloth quality is beautiful, beautiful printing, high precision, bright colors, fine patterns, rich color. Strong color fastness and no fading. It is suitable for producing curtains, shower curtains, garments, handbags, bags, toys, pen bags, kites, sleeping bags, tents, umbrellas, bedding and so on. We adhere to the business objective of "quality survival, innovation and development, integrity based, quality first". It is a trustworthy partner to repay the customers in return with scientific production management, strict quality inspection system, advanced technology and first-class service. The ironing paper products include gold onion scalded drawing paper, high elastic swimsuit ironing paper, ironing paper, permeable ironing paper, EVA beach slipper transfer paper, logo hot stamping, high temperature foaming and hot drawing, sublimation gas dye transfer paper, glossy hot paper and PVC transfer film. We are looking forward to our happy cooperation! Telephone number: 15268618414 contact: Zhang Huwei, Zhejiang five Dongyang
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Contact:   Wei Mei hot stamping Co., Ltd.
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