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 Shandong Wei Qiao Textile Group Foshan Office Brand
Business Model
Terminal, close to Jiaoji Railway and Jiqing highway, covers an area of 1000 hectares, has a total assets of 38 billion yuan, a bank credit rating of AAA, a customs credit rating of AA, and a tax credit rating of A. It is a super comprehensive enterprise integrating cotton, textile, dyeing and finishing, clothing, home textile, thermoelectric and aluminum industries. The technology and equipment ranks first in China. The scale and economic benefits of cotton textile production are 9 consecutive years. Wei Qiao is the first enterprise in the same industry in the whole country. It is the most competitive enterprise in China's cotton chemical fiber textile processing industry and the largest cotton textile enterprise in the world. In 2006, it ranked eighty-first among the 500 top Chinese enterprises, 500 of the Chinese manufacturing enterprises 500, thirty-fourth ninety-first of the Chinese import and export enterprises and 500 of the Chinese enterprise group competitiveness. Shandong Wei Qiao Venture Group Co., Ltd. is located in the south of Shandong plain. 2006 to achieve sales revenue of 50 billion 320 million yuan, profits and taxes 6 billion 10 million yuan, profit 3 billion 360 million yuan, self export volume of 1 billion 570 million dollars.
Main Products
Pure cotton yarn, chemical fiber yarn, blended yarn, special yarn, other fancy yarn, colored spinning yarn, pure cotton grey cloth, elastic grey cloth, chemical fiber grey cloth, blended grey cloth, special grey cloth, chemical fiber fabric, cotton fabric, dyed denim, special fabric, knitted fabric,
Contact information
Contact:   Manager Wang Chunbo
Addr:        Room 401, 36 Silk Street, Chancheng District, Foshan