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The wholesale city of goods has lasted for twenty years. In the past 08 years, it has achieved brilliant achievements. In the 08 year, the commercial city has introduced a number of excellent world group companies such as WAL-MART, Sam, and national top 100 Xinjiang Guanghui. A number of excellent group enterprises such as the national top 100 companies such as Guanghui have been introduced. The old port, new popularity and new wealth have won the absolute superiority in many home clothing wholesalers. The main business is the shopping malls, supermarkets and bazaars in Guilin city and surrounding counties. The market has now expanded to Yongzhou, Shaoyang and other regions in Hunan. It is aimed at the whole country. Yan you dress is a wholesale clothing store mainly based on wholesale and middle-aged women's clothing. It is located in the commercial city of Guilin. The commercial city is the most prosperous business district of Guilin, and it is a large comprehensive daily life.
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Contact:   Xiao Bo Liu
Addr:        Guangxi Guilin Guilin Guilin