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Relocation Notice: respected customers: Hello! 广州市美星(PU)海绵制品有限公司感谢贵司多年来对我司的大力支持,本公司于2012年底成功收购原台资企业惠州发泡王制品有限公司,占地50亩,现我司已搬迁至此厂,届时公司将挂牌发泡王制品有限公司,原一般纳税人公司名广州市白云区五金制品厂继续使用,以下是我司新工厂地址: 公司名称:广州市美星(PU)海绵制品有限公司 惠州发泡王制品有限公司 电话:0752-6752188 0752-6750888 传真:0752-6752188 公司网站 公司邮箱 地址:广东省惠州市博罗县长宁镇岭排工业区(广惠高速罗浮山出口附近) 因搬迁整理中,业务联系请拨打公司业务部人员电话: 业务助理:刘小姐 13533447258 广州美星海棉制品厂组建于1998年8月,下属海棉生产车间,PU制品车间,异型海棉切割车间,包绒包皮车缝车间。 The company covers an area of 15000 square meters, has a strong production force, technology and large scale, with complete product specifications, complete varieties, high quality and reputation first, and completes the customer's production demand with the most competitive market price and the fastest delivery time. With the aim of "rigorous, quality, reputation and development", we have introduced talents, added new equipment, and worked hard to develop. Our main products are: 1, all kinds of PU hard foam products, mainly including all kinds of hard foam ornaments, carved boards, hard foam boards, hard foam flowerpots, hard bubble frames, hard foam toys, etc. 2, one time forming PU high resilience products, mainly high-density balls, toys, cushions, cushions, massage accessories, car headrest, various shapes of sponge forming. 3, self crusting series (chair armrest, bathroom supplies, etc.). 4, special-shaped cutting sponge (such as clocks, cans, printing, bags, etc. packaging sponge) and forming sponge processing products. 5, labor protection supplies (such as slow rebound noise prevention earplugs, etc.). 6, other sponge products (such as PU mannequin, PU half body, etc.). Our factory wholeheartedly welcomes friends from home and abroad to work together to create the future. We hope to establish cooperation with customers at home and abroad. We are looking forward to your guidance or letter to you. We would like to invite overseas businessmen to come to visit us and discuss business with you.
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Contact:   Liu Li Si
Addr:        Lingpai Industrial Zone, Changning Town, Boluo County, Huizhou, Guangdong (near the exit of Luo Fu Shan, Guanghui Expressway)