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Changtai felt products factory, Nangong, Hebei, was built in 2002. Our factory is located in the eastern part of Nangong City, Hebei province. On the verge of 308 National Road, Beijing Kowloon Railway, convenient transportation and excellent geographical location. Strong technical force, complete equipment, various models, thickness, density, quality, user unit needs. Over the years, through continuous technological transformation and production practice, our factory has trained a large number of professional talents and skilled operators, and has strong new product development capabilities, accumulated rich experience in production, and improved the strict production technology and management system. Specializing in the production of industrial blankets, filter blankets, civil blankets, polishing felt, felt products, entertainment felt, chemical fiber felt seven series, more than 40 varieties. Advanced equipment, strong technical force. Main products: high, medium and low grade industrial felt, needle felt, calligraphy and painting felt, civil felt, military felt, chemical fiber felt, mahjong felt, polishing felt, shoe mat, cold felt, soft felt, special felt...
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Contact:   Gong Shi Shu
Addr:        Nangong chuyang Yang Gong Jia Wa Development Area