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Kaiping weishilong Brand Clothing Co., Ltd. Guangzhou branch (Wei Shilong)    No Member

 Kaiping weishilong Brand Clothing Co., Ltd. Guangzhou branch (Wei Shilong) Brand
Business Model

Weishilong brand is headquartered in Hongkong, invested by Hongkong weishilong (brand operation) Co., Ltd., and is managed and operated by weishilong Brand Clothing Co., Ltd., Kaiping, Guangdong. Its domestic headquarters and production base is located in the Baihe Town, Kaiping City, Jiangmen Province, Guangdong province. The brand has an independent R & D design team, and has a complete set of garment production base -- Taishan Santos garment manufacturing Co., Ltd., Kaiping Long Zhen Garment Co., Ltd.; the dyeing and dyeing production base -- Taishan Hongling washing and dyeing Co., Ltd. and Kaiping Lily dyeing and finishing Co., Ltd. The total number of employees is 3000, and operation centers and offices in all parts of the country are set up in Guangzhou.

First class equipment, standardized operation, advanced management, exquisite clothing technology and excellent washing process are the solid foundation for making weishilong high quality garments. Excellent design team, stable management senior, innovative Weishi dragon people, plus the window advantage of fashion Hongkong ensure that every season weishilong new product keeps up with the international trend.

Weishilong insists on building a cowboy product with environmental awareness, emphasizing the protection of the environment in the whole production process, and placing the protection of human health in the first place. The company applies a large number of imported environmental protection materials, and continuously improves the quality management system, aiming at providing consumers with "Three Beauties" green products of natural beauty, social beauty and technological beauty.

The company sticks to the management concept of "integrity, common interest, innovation and devotion", implements humanized management, emphasizes the rewards and dedication to the society, and has been awarded honorary titles such as "advanced collectives", "advanced member enterprises" and "advanced units of voluntary blood donation" by the government and relevant departments. At the same time, "weishilong" unremitting pursuit of customer service quality, advocating "family friendly service", so that customers can genuinely feel the double satisfaction and pleasure from material to spiritual.

Weishilong will continue to deduce the distinctive character of Chinese Cowboy brand and write the legend of modern Chinese people.

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Contact:   Mr. Wang Kun
Addr:   China   China   First floor, D1 building, Hengda Industrial Park, Luopu street, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong