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Woodcutter clothing software series:
"WOODMAN APS" - (play the edition, put the code, arrange the material, read the picture).

The omnidirectional, multi-functional and brand-new clothing pattern design system includes three modules: picture reading, plate making, placing and discharging.
Picture reading module:
Through the digitizer, the existing patterns are read into the computer to carry out the operation of the subsequent processes such as laying yards and discharging.
Plate making and placing module:
1. the shortcut click adding of size item specification; the intellectualized calculation of the size table value; the pre storage of a large number of common sizes and specifications and names, so that users can complete the size table setting almost without keyboard operation. In the size table, the requirement for the size item is set. In particular, the specification group function is set up for the size specification, which makes the complicated specifications of the sizes and shapes in good order.
2., including the independent function of the front page in the computer. There is no limit to the way of printing, you can use experience value, fixed size and formula method. And so on, support the method of drawing the outline first, and then the method of flashback. The initial way of placing the code can be automatic, code, line, and so on. In the same pattern, all kinds of yards can be coexisted simultaneously. The close edition function of single edition can make up for the specific needs of batch processing.
3. the ability to edit and modify patterns is stronger, and every step of the system is recorded in the computer to support the backing function.
4. the system adds several pattern processing tools to make the pattern changes and modifications more flexible and convenient.
5. the system retained the advantages of simple operation of the original woodcutter system and the relevance of pattern transformation.
Discharge module:
1. a more comprehensive and flexible "separation scheme" function is designed.
2. automatic discharge and intelligent interactive discharge are combined to make the discharging process more efficient, and the discharging result is more reasonable and material saving. It makes the estimation material more efficient.

"Woodcutter clothing studio" -- (playing version, laying yards and discharging materials)

The professional clothing CAD software, which integrates plate making, placing code and discharging, is a powerful function and simple operation. You can easily finish your work. The most practical professional clothing plate making system can be directly published in the computer. In the simplest and fastest way, we can finish sewing, cutting, marking and placing yards. The artificial control of the cutting piece achieves the result of the error free principle and maximizes the material saving. The image of the tool is vivid, the unit of measurement and the way of playing are not restricted. The inspection is intuitive and the modification is convenient.

"Gold top needle clothing design master" --- (three dimensional style renderings design)

Professional clothing design software, rich design materials, comfortable operating platform make instant inspiration fade away. At the moment, designers of costume design use vivid design of clothing effect and complete modification function to allow designers to freely change their costumes, and change more styles. The fully functional fabric design, which fully accords with the designer's way of thinking, enables you to modify the color, pattern, size and density of the fabric, and draw realistic and dynamic folds according to the human body's posture. The infinite level creates transparent effect, from silk gauze to leather knitting, perfect effect, relaxed presentation, inspiration, and instant mouse.
Jinding needle combines the powerful functions of the system with the simple operation interface seamlessly, making the operation become a lift. Even if we think about it, there will be no touch. Let your mouse cling to the fleeting inspiration.

The effect is vivid and the picture is ready to come out.
Gold top needle provides a variety of means of expression, combining virtual and real, to make the vague idea in mind become a clear and specific picture. The best way to get better results is to try different kinds of effects. Without painting skills, you can do amazing work.

Pointing to the mountains and rivers, everything is in control.
Jinding needle has provided a huge and abundant database, which is very thin and fat. Users can also add and delete content at any time according to their needs, and create a database that is completely in line with their own style. Relax and enjoy the fun of free creation.

The purchase of our company's clothing CAD software system can be free door-to-door training (institute until then) and one year free door-to-door computer system maintenance.
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