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Guangzhou Zuo Chi Garments Co., Ltd. is the sole authority responsible for the sales and production business of Zuo Chi fashion casual garments in the Chinese market. Zuo chi clothing always takes the concept of "honesty, initiative and keeping pace with the times" as the driving force to lead the trend, to realize the marketing miracle in the commercial field, and to deduce the dress culture of novelty, novelty and change. Based on the long term planning of "zochi" brand development in China, Guangzhou Zuo Chi Garments Co., Ltd. is committed to developing chain and franchise business in China. It inspects and accepts qualified distributors to join the "Zuo Chi" clothing franchise system, and promotes the "Zuo Chi" brand clothing series in good faith. With its strong product design and development capabilities and perfect brand management system (promotion, operation, logistics and training), Zuo chi clothing combines into an excellent franchise system. With its advanced design concept, Zuo Chi fashion integrates global fashion elements, closely linked with the modern fashion consumption concept, and creates numerous business opportunities for franchisees.

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