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The brand of "MY WORLD" has been established since 1999. It specializes in "MY WORLD" (from one side) brand. It is a casual wear enterprise integrating professional design, production and sales. China Hongkong Great International Development Co., Ltd., which has twelve large garment factories in Kampuchea, mainly trades with the United States and exports mainly. The international headquarters is American city people (International) Limited. In the United States, the concept of leisure in the city has been constantly improving. In 2003, Hongkong film stars Edison Chan and Fu Jiali took the place of brand spokesmen and joined the national recruitment agency to create more than 100 sales networks. In 2005, they hired the Golden Rooster movie actress Liu Ye and the popular actress Sun Li as the spokesperson of the brand image, so that "MY WORLD" (one side) re created the new achievements of the 300 networks. It has laid a good foundation for the future development of the brand. "MY WORLD" has been constantly forging ahead, bringing forth new ideas, steadily promoting brand development, establishing different forms of market operation mode, and forming a series of large-scale marketing network since its establishment. "MY WORLD" (from one side) brand has always been operated by self owned shops and franchised businesses as the attached sales mode, forming a series of large-scale marketing network, and the design route of goods. "MY WORLD" (from one side) brand started in 2007, product design and development to production were all authorized by the international headquarters of American city people (International) Limited. The original brand promoted the Chinese "one party" to "MY WORLD" English as the main force, and in 2007, in addition to product design, development, production supervision and brand promotion, simultaneous transformation was carried out. At the same time, the brand image reconstruction project was started. The visual effect of the brand terminal was enhanced through the overall design of VIS, reflecting the fashion demeanor of "MY WORLD".
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