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 Wujiang Xutian Weaving Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
At present, the company mainly produces: 75D * 75D 240T full spring linen spinning; 50D * 50D 300T, 310T spring sub spinning; 75D * 150D 230T (144F, Tan twill peach skin) x * * twill peach skin velvet; X * * plain plain peach skin; X * x polyester polyester taffeta; * * x polyester polyester taffeta and other specifications of fabric. The first phase of our company introduced Japan's Tianjin Tian Ju ZW408 water jet loom 32, of which 12 were equipped with French STAUBLI electronic dobby, all equipped with double nozzles, and 36 sets of Qingdao spring. At present, it can produce spring Asian spinning, taslong, water washing, polyester taffeta, nylon spinning, twill peach skin, section peach skin leather, plain peach peen and various jacquard products. The excellent quality and distinctive style have won the trust of customers. The company takes customers as brothers and takes the market as a stage to fight the business sea and create brilliance together. To undertake the orders and processing business of internal and external trade, to meet the eight party guests with sincerity and quality, and to do business with high spirits.
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Contact:   Mr. Meng (Manager)
Addr:        Jiangsu, Wujiang, Jiangsu, Wujiang, Suzhou