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Business Model
The "cool Labrador" girl's personal effects brand is an internationally famous brand of fashion lifestyle goods for women. It evolved from the innovation of the business form of "cool Lala" boutique in Hongkong in 20s. It combines the small business with the big market hypermarket business. It promotes the horizontal division and vertical operation of the franchise chain, and introduces the most popular collaborative system in the world. It takes the brand fashion and service value as the business purpose and combines the perfect logistics system and brand concept. "Coolala" has a comprehensive R & D design, production, sales and service of three-dimensional institutions. The universal elements of the world combine the charm of eastern and Western cultures to achieve the perfect combination of elegant quality and lowest price, bringing unlimited business opportunities and huge profits to its partners.
In 2004, coolara brand and cool wave accessories with the same deep jewelry industry achieved perfect interconnection, and established the Hangzhou coolala Jewelry Co., Ltd., firmly established its regional strategic partnership with China, applying advanced international management experience, perfecting the franchise system, all inclusive fashion products, and landing in the Chinese market. Strive to create a 100 year brand of China fashion lifestyle products industry, leading the fashion trend and creating brilliant achievements.
From the beginning to the present, coolara has been insisting on using different brand concepts, refusing to imitate and plagiarize the fast rule, refusing to overdraw the short term operation of brand vitality, constantly strengthening the brand difference of cool Lara, and establishing the brand foundation of the Centennial business.
In the correct strategic thinking: a hundred years of excellent brand positioning, after steady and steady development in 2005, cool Lala has developed more than 200 stores, and each store has achieved a lot of sales. In 2006, Miss Ho, who was in Guangxi, visited Hanoi, Vietnam, and signed the exclusive agency right in Hanoi. It became a basic point for her to go to the Southeast Asian market.
2006 is a year when coolala focuses on improving product quality and improving brand connotation. Through cooperation with the Chinese Academy of fine arts and Hangzhou's seven nine eight arts culture communication company, the company fully interprets the brand connotation of cool Lala, and reproduces its logo, VI image and store decoration plan which represent the distinctive character of cool Labrador. It brings a new sense of intimacy to customers. It shows the corporate culture and brand affinity of Coola.
Cool Lala's headquarters in Hangzhou cool La Jewelry Co., Ltd., sits on the Hangzhou golden section Qingchun Road 11 top pure business office triumph business center. It's only a hundred meters away from West Lake. Hangzhou is located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta, which is the most active market economy in China, and is adjacent to Shanghai, the fashion capital of China. Lingshan's Xiushui in heaven, Shanghai's international fashion and vibrant and innovative economic pulse are all nurturing the cool quality of Lala fashion, simplicity and inner quality. The company has franchise Department, marketing department, marketing department, planning department, image exhibition hall and other departments. Various departments and logistics centers have brought together a group of senior and enthusiastic decorations. To provide consultation, franchise, training, shop guide, operation support, brand promotion and design, sample, procurement, packaging, logistics and other comprehensive services for all stores in China.
The main business of the cool Lara store is accessories, cosmetics, toiletries, stationery, toys, gifts, lovers' articles, knitting department stores, and so on. There are ten categories and 4000 kinds of fashionable daily necessities. The National hot chain franchise, the whole process of counseling and opening up, unified professional training, "one-stop" strong logistics and distribution, e-commerce platform, star service, generous profit return, minimum threshold fees, will provide the most successful entrepreneurial mode for people of insight who invest and start businesses everywhere.
In the Chinese fashion lifestyle market, coolala is breaking the brand name, the expensive store marketing way. It really becomes a classic example of fashion, delicacy, beauty and low price.
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