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The company is committed to the network construction of franchised franchises, expanding the market by franchising, and leading the fashion trend with cultural construction. At the same time, through brand and scale effect, the cost of manufacturing and distribution is continuously reduced, and the competitiveness of the market is enhanced. In just a few years, the romance and popularity of R & G, the fashionable personality and the colorful new leisure lifestyle created by it create a whirlwind, which soon swept across the Chinese market, with the development of its exclusive stores to more than 500, and built a marketing network covering northeast, North China, East China, Southern China, southwest and other provinces and cities. Recently, the new concept of "the third generation of leisure" in China has been developed by R & G, and has been a pioneering landmark in the development of the industry. It has become another milestone in the history of brand development. In the future, R & G will start the banner of the "third generation leisure" leading, with a high fashion, personality culture, "passion burning attitude, innovation lock development", thus leading China's casual wear into the new blue ocean and entering a new era.
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Contact:   Miss Xu
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