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Kapok kapok cellulose has the reputation of "Cashmere growing on the tree". Foreign countries have the evaluation of natural plant fiber "soft gold", which is the real green natural cellulose fiber. Ding Ding Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology company specializing in the research of wild natural cellulose fiber "Kapok (kapok), C.Procera (long velvet kapok)" and its industrialization. It is the first company to develop kapok spinning technology and spun the first batch of kapok yarns in China in 2004. It has its own raw material planting base and many invention patents. Over the years, the company has established a scientific research project with Donghua University, Shanghai Textile Research Institute, Shanghai textile control group, South inspection center, Southwest Forestry University and other professional research institutes, and established Kapok and C.Procera Research Institute. Its business is from the scale of kapok, cashmere and kapok fiber to its new textile products such as yarns, and is determined to promote the development of kapok industrialization. Shanghai The company's development outline is: "planting base is leading; research and development is leading; industrial application is leading." Among them, low carbon environmental protection, ecological health and recycling economy are the core. The company's corporate culture: integrity, harmony and innovation share the company's brand: "Jin kapok Gold Kapok". Since 2008, "Jin kapok Gold Kapok" (own trademark) products came out, and won the trust of customers at home and abroad. The products have been adopted by many famous brands in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, the United States, Japan, Korea and many other famous brands in China, leading the successful solution of the world-class problems in the world textile industry, opening the door for the application of kapok fiber in the world. At present, the company has established the related industry chain alliance of kapok products with many enterprises at home and abroad, and has its own characteristic "Jin Mu cotton" shopping mall network sales platform. In the future, the company will uphold the enterprise concept of "being first, low carbon, environmental protection, ecological health, integrity, practicality, fairness and heavy customer". Relying on advanced production technology, scientific management mechanism, excellent management team and excellent product brand, we will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with industry colleagues at home and abroad, and hope the seeds and success will be shared. "Kapok gold kapok" meaning: more than 20% of the kapok content is able to truly reflect and maintain all the properties of kapok fiber, but not the concept of kapok content in the concept of 5%-10%, and even viscose (recycled fiber) is also called kapok (Model, Tencel, soybean fiber, milk fiber, pearl fiber and other artificial regenerated cellulose fiber), which is the "golden cotton gold kapok" and other similar products the fundamental difference.
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