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The three Hong down products Co., Ltd., in line with the tenet of "foothold, radiating the whole country and facing the world", insists on providing "the best quality, the best service and the best price" for the intensive cultivation of the market. In the past more than 10 years, the technology has been improving and the styles are constantly innovating to satisfy customers' demand for more, better and more marketable products. At present, our customers are mainly garment companies, bedding products, etc., which are exported to the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Japan and China, and have become one of the most professional feather down manufacturers in the industry.   当前经营的项目有:羽绒,羽毛,羽绒被,羽绒枕,羽绒床垫(羽绒床褥,飞边床垫,凌空床垫,羽绒舒适垫),羽绒靠垫,羽绒服,羽绒睡袋,羽丝绒被(仿羽绒被,仿鹅绒被),羽丝绒枕(仿羽绒枕,仿鹅绒枕),羽丝绒床垫(仿羽绒床垫,仿鹅绒床垫,舒适垫),羽绒保护垫(床垫保护垫,棉保护垫),水洗鸭毛,水洗鹅毛,水洗鸭绒,水洗鹅绒等,以及蚕丝被,蚕丝枕,羊毛被,羊毛枕,功能枕,决明子枕,香薰枕,空调被,春秋被,四季被,子母被,医院用被等床上用品。 Product categories are relatively complete, size, material, packaging and so on can be customized according to your needs. We have experienced a deeper understanding of domestic sales, export growth, recession and future sales channels. Today, the trend of consumer demand and the market environment of personalized demand provide better opportunities for professional accumulation. Equipment hardware: five sets of washing equipment and twelve sets of hair sorting equipment, more than 600 sets of high-end sewing equipment, needle and cleaning equipment. Software company: a group of highly skilled and skilled teams (developers and production staff). With its complete hardware and solid technology and years of experience, the company has an annual output of about 5000 tons of feather and down products and 3 million pieces of down products. Looking forward to the future, the three hung down eider will be guided by our business philosophy: to make customers happy, happy and comfortable.
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Contact:   De Yun Liu
Addr:        2 floor, building B, 70 Road, Po Lai Industrial Area, Mu Gu District,