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The company is headquartered in the West Dujia village, the town of Shicheng Town, Shandong Province. It is an individual business of specialized production, processing and sales of cotton weft paper cloth, craft monofilament jacquard paper cloth, craft monofilament paper cloth, craft double silk paper cloth, double silk jacquard paper cloth, five grass straw paper cloth, Lala grass craft paper cloth, gold and silver wire craft paper cloth, colored printing paper cloth, linen cloth and other products. Since the establishment of the plant in 2002, we have constantly improved the production equipment in the factory, constantly improved the product technology, increased the automation level of product production, and improved the overall quality of the production management staff. So far, we have mastered many advanced technology and rich production management experience. The paper factory has a complete, scientific quality management system and high-quality management personnel. Its products are sold throughout the country and have won favorable reviews. The credibility, strength and quality of the paper mill are recognized by the industry. Friends from all circles are welcome to visit, guide and negotiate business.
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Contact:   Mount Du
Addr:        No. 1080, West Dujia village.