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The predecessor of Yexi cotton and hemp products Co., Ltd. is the Xian County hemp product factory. It is a professional production of pure natural yellow kenaf and sisal products factory. It is located in Jianhua Development Zone, Guangzhou 325 national road. It is very convenient for transportation. Our company (factory) has more than 20 years of experience in the production of yellow kenaf and sisal hemp textile technology. As early as the beginning of 80s, it has been doing business with all kinds of large and medium-sized tobacco and tobacco refinery factories. Some products are exported to the Middle East, Europe, America, Japan, Spain, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and the quality of products is very popular. Our company has strong production capacity, advanced machinery and equipment, complete product specifications and reasonable price. It is a good faith unit. The company has always been honest, loyal to customer service, quality of survival, pay attention to small profits, customers for the purpose. Green and environment-friendly jute and sisal hemp products jute are Tilia, annual herbs, plant phloem fiber, its chemical composition is mainly composed of cellulose 61%, lignin 18%, pectin 1%, fat 8%, ash 12% of the medium and fine cellulose, its decomposition and combustion of natural and air pollution-free, no garbage environment, natural decomposition, harmless natural products. The main products are: International sack, unit linen, tobacco packing cloth, hardware, ore sack, 2.3 --3.0 single yarn, 1.2 --1.46 single weft yarn, cable yarn and copper core yarn. Two or three, four stock through yarn weft strands, warp and weft yarn ball, 1kg fixed export line ball, 3--4mm technology raw hemp rope, there is alignment ball. 50 grams --150 grams of colored and natural type, ball type export small ball. Sisal yarn, sisal rope, sisal ball. 5--32mm hemp rope, dialing rope, fire guide rope, sound insulation linen, linen, craft products and so on, all sizes and specifications are complete, welcome to purchase. We are willing to create green and beautiful tomorrow with our customers.
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Contact:   Sun Cong
Addr:        Jianhua Development Zone, 25 national road, Dashan West