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It is located in the beautiful steppe of Xilin Gol. It is one of the largest natural grassland pastures in the country. The resource - rich banner, located in the western part of the country, is located in the northern border of the motherland and borders with the neighboring countries. It is a traffic fortress connecting the Eurasian continent. The animal husbandry is very developed and the resources of animal products are abnormally rich, which provides advantageous conditions for the processing industry. Founded in 1991, it is a company relying on abundant natural resources in the natural grassland of Xilin Gol, forming a private technology enterprise with the qualification of independent import and export business in the acquisition, processing, production and sale of villus. The company covers an area of 37800 square meters, the factory building area is 13000 square meters, the registered capital is 10 million yuan, the staff 120 people, has the fixed assets 24 million yuan, the total assets about 50000000 yuan, the annual processing villi more than 5000 tons. The existing production lines such as sorting, washing, combing, needle punching, quilting, and so on can produce fluffy, washed wool; camel, cashmere mattress, camel, cashmere blankets, camel, cashmere trousers, needles felt, vegetable greenhouses, heat insulation quilts, tents and so on more than 30 different varieties and regulatory products. After nearly 20 years of meticulous development, the company has made the "Xiang Tai" brand product a leading brand in the industry and a famous trademark. In addition, the company has passed the ISO19001 - 2008 latest standard quality management system certification. Camel hair and cashmere wadding materials meet the general technical requirements of GB18383 - 2001 floc products.
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Contact:   Lu Bi
Addr:        Industrial Park, Sai Han TA La banner, Su Ni Right Banner, Jiangsu Province