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Hong Ching Hemp Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in production and operation of various specifications of yarn / cloth in the area. The existing ramie spinning plant, linen spinning plant, hemp / cotton spinning plant, weaving factory, printing and dyeing factory are its strong backing. The company produces and manages all kinds of hemp textiles for a long time. It uses flax, ramie, hemp and other pure natural fibers as the main raw materials, and the products are made of environment-friendly domestic advanced linen production lines, dyeing and finishing equipment and process. The product can not only meet the needs of high and thin demand, but also adapt to the low and thick market. The company can also produce various specifications of special varieties according to the different needs of customers. The company has abundant experience in dyeing and finishing of hemp products and has reached the leading level in China. There are a wide variety of hemp products. The company's product quality assurance, reasonable price and timely delivery are well received and trusted by users. The industry will uphold the principle of "quality first, customer first". Good faith service. Strive to achieve win-win cooperation between supply and demand. 同时竭诚欢迎业界新老朋友前来光临指导,交流合作,共谋发展! 主要生产经营: 1:原料:亚麻原料,脱胶开松麻系列 2:纱线系列(坯纱):纯亚麻纱/线;纯苎麻纱/线;麻棉/麻粘/麻涤混纺纱;涤亚麻纱/线; 弹力竹节纱/线 3:色纺纱系列:亚麻棉色纺纱;苎麻棉色纺纱;纯棉色纺纱 4:坯布系列:纯亚麻坯布;纯苎麻坯布;麻棉/麻粘/麻涤混纺坯布;麻棉/麻粘/麻涤交织坯布;苎麻亚麻交织坯布 5:印染系列:纯亚麻染色布;纯苎麻染色布;麻棉/麻粘交织.混纺染色布 6:色织布系列:纯亚麻色织布,纯苎麻色织布,麻棉交织/混纺色织布 7:弹力布系列:交织混纺竹节弹力布系列。
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