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 Cartoon products Co., Ltd. Brand
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The toy factory is specialized in making all kinds of plush toys, plush cartoon clothing, plush hand puppets, stuffed pillows, plush bags, plush velvet pendants, plush bags, plush car supplies, plush slippers, cartoon costumes, cartoon costumes, mascot clothing, doll clothing, big head doll clothing, cartoon walking Doll's large plush products cartoon clothing manufacturer. The company has unique design, exquisite touch, diverse styles, and novel texture. It always stands at the forefront of the market, grasps the fashion trend, and displays the latest popular "new, unusual and special" products in the first time. The main ways of cooperation are: sample processing, incoming order and order form processing, which can provide customers with service drawings and proofing services.
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Contact:   Gong Shu Ju
Addr:        Room 2001, 391 East Daming Road.