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 Dongguan Humen men eye dress Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Development process: Men S Eye, founded in 1993 in Shenzhen, is a large-scale garment enterprise integrating design, production and sales. In 2000, the marketing and logistics organization in Humen was officially launched as the Men S Eye in the national marketing and distribution base. Development direction: Men S Eye has been adhering to the business philosophy of "honesty and supremacy, win-win cooperation". Following the overall brand development strategy, based on the scientific marketing theory and developing the market concept, we have introduced standardized Cl management system, advanced marketing management operation system, standard system management system and efficient training system to ensure the brand image and maintenance level of wind and steel, and to promote the brand culture of Men S Eye to the whole country by taking the self operation and joining as the main business mode.
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Contact:   Manager Jiang
Addr:        No. 5, Lane 9, civilized road, Fourth Industrial Zone, Nanzhen, Humen, Dongguan