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The Micobear brand of the United States was founded by Michael Corsica. Over the years, the brand has been deeply loved by the United States and even the world's children, with the aristocratic fashion. Shoes and clothing In the vision of the market, the Micobear brand aimed at the Chinese land with huge market potential. In May 2010, the United States Micobear company joined the Guangzhou dragon in order to quickly take root for the Micobear brand in China. Children's articles Limited Co injection of "MICOBEAR" Children's shoes The MICOBEAR (China) Development Co., Ltd. has been established in Hongkong, China's fashion capital. It is responsible for the Micobear brand's product development, design, production, sales and brand management in mainland China. It also designate Guangzhou dragon dragon children limited as the only operator of the Micobear brand in the mainland of China.

Since its inception, the company has attached great importance to innovation and investment in scientific research. In order to expand R & D design ideas, the company's design team went to the world's leading fashion houses in South Korea, Paris and Hongkong to collect and organize children's psychological information from all frontiers, and constantly inject new vitality into product research and development.

Adhering to the essence of the noble and fashionable design of the United States, the product style is injected into the concept of "childlike innocence and ingenuity", which is bright, bright and permeable to the atmosphere. Micobear Kids style design avant-garde, focusing on material mix, with "safe, healthy, comfortable and natural" as the primary demand.

Micobear Kids, with exquisite workmanship, fashion aristocratic style and international fashion color, has won the love and admiration of modern fashion and grade mothers.

Guangzhou guest dragon children's products Co., Ltd., with the brand superiority of the international group, grasping the immeasurable market development opportunities and grasping the psychological needs of Chinese children's consumption, has created a series of innovative products. The trend of wealth has already been formed. Only the experts are invited to follow the "potential" to make joint efforts to change the market structure of China's children's shoes. At the same time, the company attaches great importance to the planning of brand development, and under the guidance of active and efficient market development strategy, is committed to carrying out international operation and joint venture and cooperation with domestic industries, and is committed to building modern enterprises with excellent quality, innovative spirit and international reputation.

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