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 Kama International Enterprise Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Kama International Company Limited was founded in 2001. From the beginning of its brand creation, it has achieved the biggest difference with other leisure brands in the market by breaking through products and image positioning. No matter product design or shop space concept, it fully embodies Kama's distinctive brand personality and characteristics.
Kama has a young and professional brand management team, and has more than a full year brand consultant to help Kama to maintain long-term advantages in terms of talent and management.
Since the launch of the franchise business, kamar has attracted excellent brand operators from all over the country. Up to now, kamara's self owned and franchised stores have already covered the major central cities of the country. The company has an excellent operational support team to provide long-term and on-the-spot counselling for franchisees to help customers achieve terminal success.


Kama prospect

Become the leader of the domestic outdoor leisure brand, leading the new idea of leisure -- the combination of man and nature.


Kama values

Values refer to the value standards recognized by the karma people in their work and life, which can guide the karma to perform their tasks correctly and achieve their goals. It is also a standard to guide karma people's ideas and unified work and communication behavior, and also a standard for Kama selection and education.


Honest, do not lie, do not deceive the people around, including colleagues and customers.

Credit, deeds and deeds can be done.

Team and communication

He is willing to cooperate with others and support colleagues.

It is customary to share information and positive feelings with others.

Always help others solve problems.

If you care about others' feelings, you can put yourself in place easily.

Input and persistence

I love my work and career, and strive to develop and cultivate my interests.

I am willing to spend extra time and effort.

Never give up easily, and always believe that methods are more difficult than difficulties.

Assumed liabilities

Be brave enough to admit mistakes and not make excuses.

Problems can be reviewed first.

Face and accept others' correction with a positive attitude.


He does not stick to the rules and has a constructive and flexible way of dealing with problems.

There are always new ideas and suggestions.

I am willing to try and learn.


Kama management concept

The concept of management refers to karma's idea, attitude, attitude and behavior orientation in business operation, internal communication, work habits, market operation, customer service and so on, which is the karma's code of conduct.

Purpose of management:

People oriented: customer satisfaction, respect for employees, equality for all, good communication channels, and encourage staff to express their personal ideas and suggestions.

Honest management is the foundation of human life and the foundation of enterprises.


Let's set an example: ask your subordinates to do what you want to do first.

Persuasive: avoid autocracy and arbitrariness and speak with facts, actions and data.

It's emotional: pay attention to the feelings among colleagues, be willing to reveal and share their feelings and feelings.

To restrict people by system: abide by the rules of the game, distinguish rewards and punishments.

Work style: react quickly and act immediately.

Keep sensitivity and dare to judge.

Once something is decided, act immediately.

He has the spirit of being responsible for mistakes.

The concept of survival: always walking on thin ice, always as deep as possible.

Keep your sense of crisis at all times.

He has the determination to pursue perfection.

Market concept: only the idea of off-season, there is no off-season market.

Dare to break through the paradigm.

He can always find opportunities and methods for success in difficult situations.

Service concept: meet and exceed the expectations of external customers and internal customers.

Service is the most important thing for us to face customers and colleagues.

Service is a key factor in improving management and business.

Satisfying customers and colleagues is the embodiment of everyone's value in the company.

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