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Founded in 2008, the company integrates design, production and sales. Facing the needs of diversified consumer market, focusing on creative design, adhering to the value concept of honesty and quality first, relying on many years.
Professional brand operation mode and efficient management, strive to provide customers with high quality, high value-added products and services.
Qinyuan snow dress brand culture
Qinyuan snow: directly from Mao Zedong's poem "Qinyuan spring snow".
Qinyuan snow dress brand story
Qinyuan, formerly known as the Qinshui Princess pastoral, was handed down to the Ming emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty. The fifth female Liu is the princess of Qinshui. According to legend, the princess is a rare beauty in history. Wen Ya, a virtuous and quiet man, is very difficult in his life.
There are several smiles. In the Tang Dynasty, the word "Qinyuan" began to appear in the writings of literati, and in the late Tang Dynasty, the word "Qinyuan" was developed into a Ci poem "Qinyuan spring". From Song Dynasty to the present age, there are many CI poets who wrote the eternal words.
Singing, Mao Zedong's "Qinyuan spring snow" is the most famous. Mao Zedong uses Qinyuan spring to enter the rhyme and writes the magnificent "Snow", which makes the world amazing. After the precipitation of history, the word "Qinyuan" was brought to mind.
More is a kind of atmosphere, vulgar, noble, elegant, quiet beauty, a "Qin" word contains the infinite beauty of women.

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