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Guangdong Xiang love shoe Limited by Share Ltd focuses on the development of brand, integrating R & D, design, production, chain operation and brand terminal services. Take "let a conscientious person have his own platform and become a real boss" as the mission of the enterprise. Take the "army + school + family + cause" as the corporate culture, and take the "fashion women shoes with the world's women's value for money" as the vision of the enterprise, take "accomplishments and help people" as the realm of the enterprise team, serve the purpose of the enterprise with "dedication and best service", take the concept of "serving products as the industry first" as the development concept of enterprises, and take the "waking up the trust crisis of human nature" as the core concept of customer cooperation, and strive for the enterprise team by "whole life to go, only to progress". Keep pace with the times, innovate and develop in the direction of "fashion, innovation, scale and collectivization". Looking forward to the future, Xiang love has become a new favorite of China's footwear industry, becoming the new favorite of the fashion shoe industry. It has become the first intelligent marketing platform of the footwear industry and persistently sticks to it and heads ahead.

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