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Fortunately, childhood, infant, child and child products discount store headquarters, with talents as the foundation for enterprise development and advancement, has broken through the traditional enterprise management mode and integrated the advanced management concepts of modern enterprises, thus forming an innovative idea that combines brainstorming and daring to transcend. Relying on the business concept of "honesty, pragmatism, innovation and win-win", we provide high-quality products and services for the majority of pregnant and infant children, mainly engaged in maternity dress, maternity supplies, baby products, children's wear, children's shoes, auspicious accessories, etc. With the brand concept of "caring for the healthy growth of babies and young children", lucky childhood is committed to the pursuit of the career of pregnant and infant children. In accordance with the principle of "people-oriented, honesty and career", the company continuously absorbs advanced management experience and management mode, and its existing marketing centers, design centers, production centers, administrative planning, information management, financial management, logistics and distribution business centers. Relying on a complete and professional global design system and technical support system to improve product quality and service quality, we will continue to use international brand management methods to control costs. We will provide fashionable, personalized, high quality and inexpensive baby and baby products series to dealers, ensure long-term benefits for partners, develop businesses vigorously, and continue to operate businesses.
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Addr:        Room 601, block a, Hengsheng building, 205 Central Road, Guangzhou.