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 Waltay fur leather modification care Co., Ltd. Brand
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Waltay fur leather modification care Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as waltel) is a company specializing in fur and high-end leather products such as washing, modifying, dyeing, curing, coloring, repairing, changing buckles, lining lining, skin plate softening, shearing printing, renovation and repair services. The company has strong funds and owns a number of direct and cooperative shops and wholly owned dyeing factories and workshops.

Scope of service:

Leather and fur: High grade fur mink cleaning and maintenance, dyeing, modification, tailor-made, changing buckles, lining lining, leather plate back soft, cut velvet printing, renovation and other one-stop services.

Other: Luxury leather products such as brand leather bags, leather shoes and leather clothing are cleaned, maintained and coloured.

Post processing of fur, leather goods (luxury goods)

Join in: Invites the national agents to cooperate and provide relevant theoretical and technical training support.


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Addr:        In the Qingyang District, No. 124 west section of Guanghua two ring road, No. 9-10 Qingshui River bridge is opposite north facing Carrefour.