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Beijing Diao Mei Fashion Design Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Diao Mei International Fur Co. Ltd., which is a custom design workshop with Diao Mei fur. It is the first designer and designer of Chinese fur design. It is also China's first international fur design company with designer brand as its core, and owns its own fur design studio in Hongkong. It aims at the high-end customization of fur and serves the celebrities and artists in high taste and high demand.

Designer Diao Mei, known as the first person of Chinese fur design, was born in the art family. He graduated from the central craft Academy of Fine Arts in 1982. He went to Copenhagen SAGA design center in Denmark to study fur courses. He served as a designer of many well-known leather grass products in Hongkong, and he was the chief designer of the famous fur business in China. In 1989, as the first generation designer in China, Ms. Diao Mei started the advanced garment customization business. Subsequently, fur fur craftwork, which is based on the original design of fur, has been attached more importance to. It is based on the essence of Chinese local culture and is inspired by inspiration from all over the world. Emphasize the rich and deep nature of prairie material. At the same time, Ms. Tiao Mei has made her exploration and exploration into a Book of fur and fur design innovation. As a textbook of national higher education, she has filled the gap of fur design and craft education, and has made unremitting efforts for the development of fur industry and fur education in China.


The customization of Diao Mei fur is the main business of the company. It is through the close contact and effective interaction between the senior designer and image division of Diao Mei design workshop and the customers. By the careful design of the designer and senior technician team, the selection of raw materials and exquisite handicrafts, we can create the original design works that are suitable for the unique temperament of the customers. In every piece of Diao Mei's works, we advocate that traditional exquisite craftsmanship should be applied to the ultimate design and manufacturing concept, and deduce the multiple mingling of traditional and modern culture, that is, the soul and ingenuity in creating every detail of the work, and from the quality to the complex and meticulous multiple processes, from the beginning to the end, the exquisite professional technicians of the handicraft are elaborately finished, including the selection of wool and accessories, the tension of the sewing thread and the adaptation of the skin.

Fashion is beautiful, showing self expression and personality, while maintaining the classic of fur luxury and luxury, with the sense of introverted elegance and connotation of the times, is the common feature of every distinguished guest wearing Diao Mei fur clothing.


Diao Mei fur is the pioneer of customization of Chinese fashion fur.


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