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Tianjin Hongsente Trading Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Hand-pulled hoist/TOYO hand-pulled hoist/Japanese hand-pulled hoist/imported hand-pulled hoist/Dutch hand-pulled hoist/wrench hoist/imported wrench hoist/imported wrench hoist/TOYO wrench hoist/spring balancer/Japanese spring balancer/imported spring balancer/Korean spring balancer/wire rope wrench hoist/Japanese wrench hoist/hand-pulled hoist/Dongyang hand-pulled hoist/explosion-proof wrench hoist/jack ENERPAC Jack | ENERPAC Jack | mechanical jack | screw jack = lifting equipment series: imported hand-pulled hoist, wrench hoist, electric hoist, jack, hand winch, magnetic sucker, lifting pulley, lifting belt, steel plate pliers, tank truck Tianjin Hongsente Trading Co., Ltd. is located in Jufu Park, Xinkai Road, Hedong District, adjacent to Tianjin East Railway Station, with convenient transportation and developed communications. Our company is a business and trade company mainly importing equipment. Over the years, with the first-class technical team and advanced scientific management, our company has continuously expanded its sales scale and formed sales performance of tens of millions of sets with annual sales. Our products not only sell well in 28 provinces and cities throughout the country, but also have established good business contacts with customers at home and abroad. They have been well received and gradually formed a business. The combination of business and trade, the production, supply, marketing and service of a one-stop business model, to provide users with convenient and fast full-range services, and to win praise from all sectors of society with high-quality product quality.
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Addr:   [db: province]  [db: city]  Xinkailu Bohai Creative Intelligence Center, Hedong District, Tianjin