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Shaoxing Zaiyisen Digital Printing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in digital printing and transfer printing. (Mobile phone: 18701945091 QQ: 1452849536) Specialized in providing customers with various printing services on fabrics, garments or cutting, regardless of the order quantity, we can quickly solve. Digital printing equipment: 5 Japanese original imported digital printing machines (Roland FJ-740), monthly production capacity: 60,000 square meters; Transfer printing equipment: 5 transfer printing gravure printing machines, monthly production capacity: 1.5 million meters; Ink and paper: All imported ink and paper are used to meet the environmental protection requirements of Japan, Europe and the United States. Technical indicators: Technical indicators through ITS, SGS and other international authority testing, color fastness and light fastness can reach more than 4 levels; Professional team: We have a group of professional color separation, color mixing, printing engineers, to make customer specified color card, high-precision printing needs; Applications: Household textiles (curtain cloth, window screen, sofa, table cloth, bath curtain and sleeping bag, down quilt and down products, cushions, floor mattresses, pillowcases, bed sheets, mattresses, bedspread and other bedding); outdoor leisure articles (sunshade, umbrella, sunshade, beach chair, tent, etc.); clothing fabrics (fashion, beach trousers, sportswear, bicycle clothing); automobile clothing; Ornaments (cushions, seat covers, curtains, sun shields, hood, etc.); bags (handbags, shopping bags, pull-rod boxes, various bags), non-woven fabrics, photo-realistic, craft paintings, flags, kite fabrics, spectacles and other polyester printed fabrics Proofing or small batch orders According to the customer's order of one meter sample or tens of meters or hundreds of meters, our company uses digital printing to complete it. 1. No plate making and no color restriction; 2. No restriction on the size of anthesis; 3. No quantitative requirements, one printing, highlighting the advantages of small batch and multi-variety; 4. Printing with disperse dyes, with bright color, good color fastness, no touch and good air permeability; Arbitrary pattern can be easily realized. Photos are printed with high precision. The pattern is lifelike and the personality is highlighted. 2. Large orders for kilometres, tens of thousands of metres and over hundreds of thousands of metres For large orders, our company uses gravure transfer printing to produce peanuts. 1. Production 3000 meters per hour, fast; 2. Cheap price per meter; 3. Using electric engraving to produce, the quality is stable. (Preferential prices can be offered according to the quantity of customer orders, which can be determined in detail) * Free proofing, one meter printing * unlimited color, photo-level effect, high precision and high definition * Bright color, strong layers, no touch * Environmentally friendly inks that meet export standards * Fastness level 4 to ITS, SGS, Kekeng and other tests ================================================ Digital Printing Transfer Printing Specialized Manufacturer Piece Printing for Ready-to-wear Printing ================================================ Shaoxing Zaiyisen Digital Printing Co., Ltd. Contact person: Song Tao Mobile phone: 18701945091 Q: 1452849536 E-mail: Address: 2nd floor, 16 building, opposite Weimei Garden, Qunxian Road, Dongpu Town, Shaoxing County
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Contact:   Song Tao
Addr:       16 buildings opposite the Aesthetic Garden of Qunxian Road, Dongpu Town, Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province