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Nangong Xinghe Felt Factory Brand
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Nangong Xinghe Felt Factory is located in Nangong City, Hebei Province, which is the capital of Chinese felt. It is close to 308 and 106 National highways, 20 kilometers away from Qingyin Expressway and Beijing-Kowloon Railway. It has convenient transportation, convenient logistics and superior location. Since the founding of our factory, we have continuously studied, developed and innovated to improve the quality of products. We are the leading enterprise in felt industry. Our factory has many modern production equipment and advanced production technology. The main products are: wool felt series - wool felt, wool felt, chemical felt, wool and chemical fiber blended felt, industrial felt, wool felt crafts, fine white industrial felt, medium and coarse wool felt, needle-punched wool felt, miscellaneous felt, color wool felt, wool felt wheel, wool ball, wool ball, furniture protection mat, sports and so on.
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Contact:   Shao Qiang Li
Addr:       167 Dongjin Street, Nangong City, Hebei Province