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Qiu Meiya Creation Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Since its establishment in the early 1990s, Chi Meiya Creation Co., Ltd. has mainly engaged in children's clothing and baby clothing. With a high sense of fashion, the company's unremitting goal is to create its own brand design. Carefully selected fabrics, high quality accessories, exquisite printing and embroidery, skilled needle and thread skills, have been reproduced in our brand - Maya Kids (MAYAKIDS) Cookie (KOKII) children's wear. The < br /> Maya Kids'Dress (MAYAKIDS) Cookie (KOKII) is a registered brand in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Know Maya and Cookie, feel Maya and Cookie, please wear Maya and Cookie! Br /> Maya, Cookie gives children a dream world, your dream is Maya and Cookie's creation, Maya and Cookie's creation is your taste. < br /> Sincerely invite all agents to come to negotiate! < br />
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Contact:   Miss cai
Addr:   China  China  Room 2110, Trade Plaza, 268 Dongfeng Middle Road, Guangzhou