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Nbsp; Stone Source Building Materials Store in Nanhai District of Foshan City is an enterprise with 25 years'history of stone management. Its registered capital is more than 5 million yuan, and its annual output value is nearly 100 million yuan. More than 300 employees. The company integrates mining, production and sales. Sales products include sandstone, gravel, pebble, monolithic inscription stone, garden stone, landscape stone, Taihu stone, yellow wax stone, yellow wax stone, Yellow River stone, Taishan stone, pebble, rainflower stone, Lingbi stone, dacite, mica stone, Kunshan stone, Chaohu stone, Maoshan stone, Fenglian stone, desert lacquer, grape agate, marble, Wuling stone, Luliang stone, dolomite, stalactite, Xuanyuan. Stone, mole stone, guest stone, pine flower stone, tectonite, Boshan aragonite, nodule stone, Jiang stone, Sanjiang stone, Three Gorges stone, Jiulong mudstone, colored pottery stone, Yangtze River stone, Wujiang stone, Chinese painting stone, Jinhai stone, Qingjiang stone, tortoise grain stone, chrysanthemum stone, money stone, large fossil, Xinjiang color stone, Laoshan green stone, Yangtze River red, Sanjiang color pebble, Yangtze River chlorite, agate, nephrite, jadeite, jadeite Xiuyu, Nanyang Jade, Turquoise, Shoushan Stone, Qingtian Stone, Chang Fossil, Bahrain Stone, Feldspar, Bone Collection Stone, Marble, Tianjing Stone and more than 1,000 varieties, there are more than 50 different processing methods, the products produced are used in 72 industries in life. For example, there are buildings, gardens, chemical industry, art, science and technology, industry, agriculture and so on. Its color is divided into black, white, red, yellow, orange, green, grey, brown, coffee, lavender, pork liver red, wood pattern color, etc. Nbsp; we also have abundant quartz quartz quartz mines. The quartz sands produced by them have strong wear resistance, compressive resistance, high corrosion resistance and good physical and chemical properties. All of them have met the national designated standards determined by the Provincial Geological Academy. The products can not only be used as filters for water works, ordinary water plants, sewage treatment plants and other projects, but also provide high-quality raw and auxiliary materials for gardens, building materials, casting precision moulding, abrasives, polishing, ceramics, high-voltage electric ceramics, paper making, monocrystalline silicon, chemical industry, national defense industry and other industries. Nbsp; products are mainly exported to North America and Western Europe, some of which are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Australia. There are also very large cooperative projects in China. At present, we have established long-term business cooperation with Singapore, Hawaii, Venice Garden and domestic high-end villas such as Star River Bay, Poly Water City, Biguiyuan, Vanke and so on. The company has good product quality and high commercial reputation. Nbsp; the company has a large number of high-quality products and excellent employees, excellent landscape designers and stone carving craftsmen, three generations of grandchildren to impart experience, at different times won many awards, such as the American ASLA Award, Lingnan Characteristic Planning and Design Award, Pritzker Award, Chinese Landscape Architecture Society Excellent Landscape Engineering Award. In stone carving, there are "Tiangong Award" and "Winning Fair Cup Award". Excellent projects include One Pin Xinghai in Dalian, Xinhua University Garden in Hefei, Anhui, Yinhai Forest in Kunming, Merrill Lynch Coast in Guangzhou and Xiangzhanglin Villa in Longhu, Chongqing. Our Advantages 1. Rich stone resources Nbsp; has abundant and abundant natural stone materials, such as rainflower stone, pebble, stone rice, mechanism stone, yellow wax stone, Taihu stone, thousand layer stone and blue stone. All the stones we recommend have their own mines or factories that are close to the mines and have very low transportation costs. 2. Human and Technical Advantages Nbsp; skilled workers from China's famous stone town; and has many years of cooperation with European and American customers; under the premise of rigorous design, using low labor costs, to make a piece of work comparable to the world art. 3. Professional service team Nbsp; as an enterprise that cooperates with the whole world and continuously promotes Chinese products to the international market, it has its perfect service system. According to different customer requirements, there is a set of corresponding service content; perfect overseas sales network; experienced practitioners; simple and fast product ordering system; perfect supporting center, so that users can get more humanized service from us.
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