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Golden City Steel Tube Co., Ltd.
Our company was founded in 2003, mainly from the agent, operation, and the production of seamless steel tubes in Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Chengdu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
Our company is located in the courtyard of the chemical equipment store, which is the heavy industry of the city's pipe industry, and the production and sales place. It is also a collection of production distributors from all over the country. These advantageous conditions provide our company with more room for development. Since its establishment in 2003, our company has been developing into a medium-sized enterprise with a number of offices, including the company, the company, the office, the branch office, the processing plant and so on.
The company has law-abiding and trustworthy, competent and competent leading bodies and personnel. It has broad market prospects. In the past, we managed to abide by the state regulations, abide by the contract and keep the prestige, and win the trust and praise of our customers. In the years to come, we will carry forward the future, uphold the company's service and aim, and cooperate with the new and old customers.
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Address: 2 floor, South Hall of chemical industry, 10 North Ring Road,
Mobile phone: Chang Changqing 13931713415 13923262241 (H)
Zhang Qingsong 13700378263
Miss Fang 13932796865 418562962 (QQ)
Tel: 0317-3060076 30632153063939
Fax: 0317-3061847
Automatic Fax: 0317-7920108
Jinan Office
Mobile phone: Hua Yuqing 13791052058
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