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Introduction to the company's products, Haitian chemical testing equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of new generation of sample making and testing equipment based on the latest national standards. Its products are continuously improved in terms of market structure, technological innovation and operation simplification. They have been widely used in coal, electricity, coking, metallurgy, geology, building materials, chemical industry, energy conservation, teaching, scientific research and other units and departments. 主要产品有以下系列: HTZF—200环保型制样粉碎机; HTZF—1A(B)、HTZF—2A(B)制样粉碎机; HT—Φ175、HT—Φ200圆盘粉碎机; HTP—250×360、HTP—180×150锤式破碎机; HTPS—250×360、HTPS—180×150锤式破碎缩分机; HTPS—2000A(B)破碎缩分联合制样机; HTEP—150×125、HTEP—100×60颚式破碎机; HTEP—150×125S、HTEP—100×6S0颚式破碎缩分机; HTSP—400湿煤破碎机; HT—200×75、HT—200×125双辊破碎机; HT—200标准振筛机(筛分机); HT—60哈氏可磨性指数测定仪(哈氏仪); HTSF—1/16自动缩分机; HTWF—1(自动筛分机; HT—2008(B)不锈钢二分器; 700×500、Φ450×100、Φ200×50以及各种规格的煤样筛; 采样铲、取样铲、缩分铲、煤碾子、碾样器、刮板等辅助工具 十字分样板、煤样桶、盛样盘、簸箕等辅助工具 HTZG-2008焦炭转鼓试验机; HTGS-2008焦炭转鼓机械筛; HTJS-2008焦炭筛 Divided into mechanical sieves; HT101 - A, HT101 - E electrothermal air drying oven (oven); HT - 1200, 2200 intelligent muffle furnace; HT - 4 - 10 box type resistance furnace (Ma Fulu); LCS - 1 programmable computer temperature controller (Wen Kongyi); HT - 5000A (B) full automatic moisture meter; HTDL - 2008 automatic sulfur detector; 2008 - 2008 automatic calorimeter; - 2008 automatic hydrogen analyzer. Detailed product information can be contacted with our company to obtain product samples or visit our website ( Thank you!
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Addr:   [db: province]   [db: city]   No. 89 Rui Shan Road, Xincheng, Xinjiang