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 Qiang Hai Brand
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Hai Qiang is a professional manufacturer of plastic containers, which integrates R & D, production and sales. The company is a pioneer of R & D, innovation and design of new plastic products. It will cross all industries such as agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry, chemical industry, electronics, pharmaceuticals, dyestuff, metallurgy, food, petroleum chemical fiber and so on. Especially for all kinds of water storage equipment and chemical storage tank, electroplating chemical bucket, waste water treatment tank, water treatment and environmental protection engineering tank, reclaimed PE storage tank for reclaimed water and precious metals, (food grade) plastic water tank, water tower, printing and dyeing weaving enterprise box, cloth barrel and so on. At home and abroad, the chemical industry and the electronic industry and other industries are generally affirmed and adopted, and become an indispensable product in the industry. The company strictly follows the GB9687-88 quality standard production, uses the foaming three level advanced rotational molding (ROTATION revolving molding) manufacture craft to carry on the production, its product merit: the quality is light and tenacious, is not easy to break, the transportation is simple, is shockproof, bears the impact, the heat resistance, bears the freezing temperature -30 degrees Celsius ~70 degrees Celsius all to be able to use. The quality is stable, and it is not easy to be aged (adding anti-aging agents and ultraviolet absorbers can effectively extend the aging period of the products). It is not easy to leak at all welded joints, and has excellent corrosion resistance to all kinds of acids and bases. Business philosophy: adhere to first-class management, production of first-class quality, provide first-class services, create first class benefits, create first-class enterprises! The spirit of enterprise: all rivers and streams are strong and strong. Hai Qiang plastic!
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