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Kaifeng Hongxing science and education instrument factory was founded in 1992. It is a laboratory design and manufacturing enterprise specializing in laboratory equipment. Since the beginning of our plant, our company has developed the independent photochemical reaction apparatus. Until now, the photochemical reaction instrument is still the main product of our plant. In the face of fierce market competition, our factory has continuously issued new products with its own brand. The quality and performance of the products have been praised and trusted by the majority of users. Today, the Kaifeng Hongxing science and education equipment factory's photochemical reaction equipment, distillation concentration equipment, high and low temperature constant temperature circulation equipment, vacuum negative pressure equipment has become the most popular product in China. We always strive for the goal of creative development enterprises and adhere to the belief of advanced reform in the era of rapid development and change. In the new century, the development of science and technology is more rapid, and scientific research is developing in the field of micro precision. Scientific research requires more precise data, more advantageous experimental environment and more stable experimental conditions. Our company's belief is to provide scientific research workers with excellent performance and quality scientific research auxiliary equipment, and make their own contribution to the development of cutting-edge technology. 开封市宏兴科教仪器厂通过长期研究开发的经验和不断技术革新的积累,在生物技术、基因工程、分子生物学等尖端技术领域取得了长足的发展,形成了系列化的仪器产品,包括光化学反应仪、高效率光化学反应系统、降膜式光化学反应系统、太阳能光解水制氢系统、紫外/可见光照射系统、中试型光化学反应釜设备、超高温低温一体循环机、低温冷却液循环泵、低温恒温搅拌反应浴、低温恒温槽、低温冷却液循环真空泵、刮膜式分子(短程)蒸馏器、刮膜式薄膜蒸发器、旋转蒸发器、均质乳化反应釜、新概念高效率玻璃反应釜系统、双层/三层玻璃反应釜、多功能真空恒温反应器、真空抽滤器、玻璃分液器、循环水式多用真空泵、高温恒温循环加热槽、集热式恒温磁力搅拌器、磁力搅拌加热电热套、智能恒温油浴锅、玻璃仪器气流烘干器、实验室电热套、电动调 Quick agitator and so on. All staff members of the factory always pursue the spirit of "dedication, pragmatism, innovation and struggle". It is the ultimate goal of the enterprise to "base ourselves on the vast number of users, face the national universities and scientific research institutions, seek development through reputation, seek benefits with quality, participate in competition with scale benefits, and occupy the market with quality services". Under the guidance of this policy, Kaifeng Hongxing science and education instrument factory first obtained ISO9001 quality certification in the same industry in 2000. Based on the experience and technology accumulated in long-term research and development, the patent technology and patent achievements it holds, the development department is responsible for satisfying the needs of users. The development department is responsible for producing and verifying the results, and the service system is responsible for handling the technical support of users and needs quickly. In the process of product development, we follow the requirements of ISO quality management system certification and carry out market development through strict quality management. Kaifeng Hongxing science and education instrument factory always adhered to the basic principle of meeting customer requirements and ensuring product quality, exerting the technical expertise of our company, developing products with the latest technological means, and striving to create a better future for mankind.
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