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Yi Heng water treatment materials Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive joint-stock enterprise specializing in environmental protection. In view of the market demand, our company maintains close cooperation with the major institutes and research institutes, devotes itself to the research and development of new technology materials in the field of environmental protection, and explores the first-class production technology. It has developed from the original single mineral filter material to today's environmental protection (tower) fillers, water supply and drainage equipment, water treatment chemicals, and the development and production of various activated carbons. For a long time, our company adheres to the "three most" development concept: "the best product quality, the shortest supply cycle, the best after-sales service" has won the praise of the majority of users. The products have been adopted by users of electricity, petroleum, chemical industry, paper making, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, iron and steel, food and beverage, tap water and municipal engineering.
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