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Vivier - the concept of advanced market development originating from the United States and the product design of combining Chinese and Western products, is a fashion casual dress brand developed rapidly in China. Since the end of 2007, the establishment of Mei Wei (International) Garments Co., Ltd. has been invested in China for a short period of two years. VIVITA is a popular popular consumer brand in China. The core cultural concept of its brand management is to create a high-quality brand with a leading, inclusive, and distinctive quality through the spirit of respecting, sharing and innovating the corporate culture, creating social service values and cultural values, and sharing the fruits of social progress and development. The brand management objective of Wei Wei Dai is to create a unique, comfortable and nearly perfect new dress experience and taste for the vast number of consumers through the double integration of the real business mode and the product and the unique and exquisite culture of the European and American atmosphere. Let every customer share the clothing culture advocated by VIVITA, and live a better quality, free and happy life. The aim of Mei Mei's company is to develop BABY VIVITA (VVD) into a women's clothing brand with high reputation and high reputation through continuous efforts and continuous improvement. In line with the principle of solid development, step by step, we plan to open more than 100 stores nationwide in 2011, reaching more than 200 in 2012. Terminal sales reach two billion over a year. Baby Vivita style positioning Baby Vivita China promotion style is positioned as: fashion leisure casual European style women's clothing brand. The products are shared to fashion young women who know how to enjoy life, pay attention to quality of life, pay attention to image dressing and desire to be different. Two, Baby Vivita age positioning Baby Vivita brand service group age group positioning for young women aged 20-35, of which the core age is 25-30 years old, has a certain life experience and consumption ability of fashion women. Three, Baby Vivita customer orientation Baby Vivita core customer positioning for the social status and living standards in the middle layer of the majority of young women. Professions such as senior staff, middle managers, individual operators, young teachers, career workers, petty bourgeois groups, advertising IT and other emerging industry workers, free workers, doctors, young civil servants and so on. Living space and time are relatively superior. Image dressing is more fashionable and fashionable. It is a typical trend follower with certain dress ideas and self style.
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