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It is located in the transportation hub and coastal city of southeast Zhejiang in China. Yi Qiang all staff: self-improvement, innovation and strength, relying on the strength of the group to build a series of environmental protection products: wallpaper, curtains, table pads and other first-class factories, the introduction of international standards of multiple lines, with an annual production of various types of (paper weaving, PP woven cloth, PVC net cloth, etc.) environmental protection woven fabric production capacity of over 5 million meters, products are widely used in home decoration series, leisure products series, and exported to countries around the world. Yi Qiang brings waves and dreams come true. Yi Qiang is a lotus flower. In the tide of market economy, it still displays fragrance, and lotus goes out of water. Yi Qiang sincerely welcome friends from all circles at home and abroad to negotiate and guide cooperation.
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Contact:   Xie
Addr:        Three areas of Haiyan, Jinqing Town, Jinan City, Zhejiang Province