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 Eastern City Clothing Co., Ltd. Brand
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Eastern Garment Co., Ltd.: founded in September 18, 2009, the company is a clothing company integrating product design, production, sales and marketing planning. We emphasize male characteristics, product style and international fashion popularity. In the increasingly competitive market, we have won the unanimous recognition of our customers and colleagues through our unique design, new style, stable quality, quick delivery, fine production, timely delivery and considerate service. All products from development - Design - fabric - print - cut - cloth - Seal - on - line - quality inspection - warehousing - delivery - distribution are strictly controlled: we strive to perfect, strictly control and check to ensure first-class quality. The garments produced by the company represent not only fashion, but also taste. Every garment is the crystallization of our company's professional experience, knowledge and creativity. It is also the reason why we can win the market continuously.
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