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Ltd. is a professional company specializing in fur clothing and accessories. The company has its own production and processing plant. The right to import and export has greatly reduced the cost of many imported raw materials. The processing plant is located in Daying Town, which is famous both at home and abroad. It has convenient transportation, convenient and timely procurement of raw materials and daily accessories, and provides a strong guarantee for faster and better completion of various orders. The Sales Office of the company is located in the market, and its cultural environment and transportation are very convenient. Before and after the sale of the company post and personnel, effective tracking services to your order. In the past ten years, our company has used high-quality fur, such as Rex Rabbit, rabbit, mink, fox, raccoon and so on to make garments, coats, shawls, hats, brooches and scarves and other clothing and accessories. The technology is advanced, the production is excellent, the style is novel, the quality is low, the domestic and foreign consumers are well received. The products are mainly divided into three series: 1. Clothing and accessories: including coats, jackets, vest, scarves, shawls, hats, gloves, ear mugs, etc. Two. Fur accessories: clothing collar, wool collar, wool top, wool ball, wool flower, wool rope and so on. Three, leather and blankets: all kinds of animal skins and spliced blankets. Our company is now making a one-stop production line with the world's recognized process operation procedures and strives for improvement. The product quality is ahead of international quality standards. One of our main products: Fur padded mattress, with various products, mainly foxes, raccoon, mink and Rex rabbit. In addition to local acquisitions, raw materials are also regularly auctioned to the world's major auction houses, so the roads are pure, excellent quality and fine workmanship, and their products are well sold at home and abroad and exported to Europe, America, Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Russia, and other countries and regions. In the long term development process, we have been supported and helped by friends from all walks of life, and have gained the support and support of users. For this reason, our factory will continue to adhere to the guiding ideology of "quality oriented, honesty first, market oriented and customer oriented", and constantly introduce advanced production technology and management methods at home and abroad to continuously enrich and improve ourselves. Looking forward to the future, we are full of confidence and hope to work hand in hand with the people of insight in the clothing and apparel industry at home and abroad.
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Contact:   Li Zhi Guang
Addr:        No. 881 Shengli West Road, China