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Jiasheng Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. In 2009, it was chosen as the top ten inkjet company. As the largest exporter of computer inkjet printing industry in China, it is a modern enterprise integrating advertising, inkjet printing, design and production. The company has perfect hardware and software facilities, advanced ink-jet front-end equipment and excellent design and production personnel. It can make all kinds of billboards inside and outside the family, Blister light boxes, ultra-thin light boxes, advertising banners, real estate exterior wall packaging, body advertisement and high-precision portrait series, such as panels, light bulbs, and display equipment, such as: X exhibition rack, easy pull treasure, dragnet exhibition rack, product display cabinets and other display equipment. Its quality is outstanding.    承办主要业务有:  户内喷绘:高光相纸、pp胶、背胶、灯片、透明背胶、移动贴、旗帜布、油画布、丝娟布、kt板、纸板、裱画板等(画面最高精度1440dpi) 户外喷绘:车身贴(国产/进口)、半透明贴、油画布、 外光布、内光布、哑面布、双面布、加厚内外光布 (画面最高精度1440dpi) 双面喷高精度内光喷绘 (画面最高精度1200dpi) 户外大型喷绘:5米喷绘(5米不接驳喷绘,5米不拼接外光,5米不拼接加厚内光,5米不拼接黑底哑面外光,五米布,五米双面喷高精度内光喷绘,五米特殊材料喷绘,) (画面最高精度1440dpi)户外喷绘:车身贴(国产/ 进口)、半透明贴、外光布、内光布、哑面布、双面喷绘、网格布、加厚内外光布 UV平板喷绘: 玻璃、地板砖、天花板、陶瓷、有机玻璃、雪弗板、亚克力、中空板、瓦楞纸、木板、铝塑板 、PS板、PVC Board, PP board, ABS board, fireproof board, foam board, foam board, ceramic tile and other sheets are used for decoration, company, shopping malls, family and so on. Our company has advanced 3.2 meter four color inkjet printer 6, six color inkjet printer 1 and 12 Japanese imported Ivy photo equipment: wide 1.6m, the highest accuracy is 1440dpi.. The ability of color restoration is very strong, which can fully display the exquisite advertising picture. Excellent equipment ensures a daily output of up to 5000 square meters, colorful, clear and real. The output is large. Meet different quality requirements of customers. With years of experience and strong strength, our company enjoys a high reputation in the industry. In August last year, a 3.2 meter wide weak solvent printer was introduced to print wide canvas and light bulbs with a precision of 1440dpi. Our company has 2 state-of-the-art 5 meters non stitching inkjet printer. It has a strong three-dimensional sense. Its color is saturated and bright. It can produce 5 meters of non inkjet printing cloth, such as outer light 550, inner light 550, black background light, grid cloth, knife scraping cloth and so on. The highest accuracy is 1200dpi. At the beginning of this year, huge sums of money have been introduced to introduce the 5 meter UV winding machine. The 5 meter UV coil machine adopts environmentally-friendly ink, waterproofing and UV protection. It uses the most advanced digital technology. It has a clear picture level, a strong three-dimensional sense, a saturated color and bright colors. The highest accuracy is 1200dpi, and the outdoor can be used for 3-5 years. "Real time service" is the company's unswerving goal, starting from the leading equipment, and increasingly perfect, and strive to be more perfect. To give you the most affordable price, the best quality guarantee! (Q) Q:9785222 address: 2 floor, block CD, Tianji building, Tian Tian An Digital City, Wang Zhibiao.
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